The Dark Side of Bliss

Capter 6

Stunned silence.

Deafening silence.

Even the night’s noises had faded.

The air in Giles’ living room seemed still, no one dared to speak, as they observed Xander. The young man was at the center of the room, his face pale, he was lightly panting. He had just delivered the news of Buffy’s kidnapping.

Giles was leaning against a wall, clutching his glasses in his hands, his head bent.

Willow was sitting on the couch, her face in her hands, silent tears were rolling down her cheeks, she covered her mouth with a hand and closed her eyes, but blinked them open, she quickly got up from the couch and headed toward the bathroom slamming the door shut behind her.

They all heard her throwing up and then her muffled sobs. Anya shot a glance toward the bathroom, then her gaze fixed on Xander. He was lightly shivering, she got up from the chair and got close to him, hugging him from behind, circling his waist with her arms, Xander turned and pulled her in wordless hug. He kissed the top of her head, and closed his eyes for a second.

This couldn’t be happening again. Their family couldn’t be in danger…not now that things were finally starting to work.

“Giles….” He said in a low voice. “I’m sure Eric…”

“Xander, do shut up” The older man didn’t raise his voice, yet it was stern…and cold.

Xander didn’t think he had ever heard such a tone of voice on his friend…not even after he had found out about that stupid spell he had asked Amy to perform a couple of years before. To think he had believed he had been angry, then.

Giles tilted his head up, his green eyes were darker, “What will Eric do?” He said, “ He is one of them!”

Xander shook his head, breaking away from Anya. The former demon squeezed his hand offering what little reassurance she could give him that way.

“Anya would you go and check on Willow?” Giles asked in a low voice.

Xander swallowed and turned to look at his girlfriend, she just nodded at the older man; she gave another little squeeze to his hand then quickly headed toward the bathroom.

Xander stepped toward Giles saying, “I’m sorry…I wanted to…”

“Nonsense” Giles said, “Eric was right Xander…they will keep coming, keep harming us…” He shook his head and murmured, “I should have expected that…I've been one of them half of my life…”

“You’ve never really been one of them” Xander stated simply.

Giles looked at him, surprised. Xander pursed his lips before asking, “Why didn’t you tell us? About the baby…about the Obs…thingy”

“We needed proofs…” He bitterly smiled and spat, “They don’t need proofs…”

“Do you think…?” Xander started but couldn’t finish his sentence; he shrugged his shoulders, and ran a hand through his hair.

“They will deport her…” Giles slowly said. “They will deal with her in England, within the safe shield of the Council…”

“We won’t let them, Giles…” Xander said stepping closer to him. He grabbed him by his shoulders and forced the older man to look at him, before repeating, “We won’t let them…”

Giles arched an eyebrow at him; he was about to say something, when Anya and Willow exited the bathroom.

Willow looked very pale, she ran a shaky hand through her hair and said, “Ok, research time, we have to find out where they have taken her…”

“Eric will be here shortly and…” Xander started.

“Then what?” Willow asked stepping to the center of the room; she looked at them then continued, “Do you really trust him with Buffy’s life? For all we know he could be involved in all of this…after all it’s been him who ordered Spike not to take the chip off, so forgive me for not giving a damn about him, especially now!”

She looked at all of them, her hands clenched in fists; she swallowed hard and wordlessly went to the desk, in front of her laptop, immediately starting typing on it.

The furious knock at the door made them start. Xander swallowed and looked at Giles before going to the door; he couldn’t help sighing in relief when he saw Spike leaning against a wall.

He still had problems trusting the guy, that much was true…but that didn’t mean he wanted him more dead than he already was.

Spike entered the apartment, grimacing. It was obvious he had been hurt. He was bleeding from various wounds on his body, his right hand was burned.

“Spike?” Willow hesitantly called, from the desk.

“Last time I checked…” He murmured. He turned toward Anya saying, “Be a luv and bring us some blood, will you?”

“You’re alive!” Willow exclaimed, taking tentative steps toward him.

Spike cocked an eyebrow at her and slowly slid his duster off, muttering under his nonexistent breath, “Not quite, Red….”

“What happened?” Giles’ voice made Spike turn.

The blonde vampire looked at him for some seconds, then he swallowed and said, “I tried…I really did…”

Giles nodded, although, as Xander noticed, he avoided to look at him, the former watcher put his glasses on and said, “Eric was going to follow them to find out their hiding place”

“Just once, I’d like the bad guys to play in an open field” Xander muttered.

“Can’t say I don’t agree with that,” Spike mumbled.

He took a mug from Anya who had just returned from the kitchenette, his gaze fixed on Giles when he slowly said, “They injected her with the same compound they use for the Cruciamentum…” He paused, “They shot her with a tranquilizer gun”

"Fucking bastards!" Giles swore, and Xander couldn't help blinking in surprise at the older man's use of swearings.

"What.... how…" Willow trailed; she had got close to Spike, her hand on his uninjured shoulder.

“Watchers found out about that compound centuries ago. Never known how…they’ve been using it to administer that bloody test…” He stopped for an instant before hissing, “A Slayer and a vampire taken down by ‘effin humans…”

Xander shook his head, and slowly sat on a chair. He tilted his head down, hiding his face in his hands, while Spike’s words, kept ringing in his ears. “What are we gonna do?” He eventually asked, tilting his head up.

“I think we’re going to set some major ground rules” Willow said, her hand was still resting on Spike’s shoulder and Xander couldn’t help noticing how part of the tension and the pain, in the vampire’s body had faded.

Giles’ cold voice added, “We shall declare our independence from the bloody council, once and for all…”


A lighthouse.

It stood out on an extremity of a deserted beach, just outside Sunnydale. It was old and it looked like it hadn’t been used for a long time.

Eric was surprised and puzzled by what was going on. He could sense strange vibes coming from that old lighthouse, strong magical shields, confused them, but not enough not to be noticed by the vampire.

His skin itched with the mystical energies he could feel in that place.

The Slayer was still alive and so was her baby. He had been able to clearly hear their strong heartbeats, when those men had carried her unconscious body inside.

He understood now, more than ever, why TPTB had made sure vampires couldn’t sense or hear whether Slayers were pregnant. That tiny heartbeat held something ancestral, something which had stirred his demon’s predator instinct and only the tight control he had on it had stopped him from coming out from his hiding place to attack her.

He wondered whether William had heard it, he wondered whether he had been staked. Eric shook his head blocking that thought and its implications out of his mind. He looked around, there weren’t any men guarding the perimeter outside the lighthouse, which put him on the edge.

He got closer to the lighthouse, but his body shook as if electrocuted. He fell on the cold sand, gritting his teeth.

“What are they up to?” He wondered while rising on his feet. Something wasn’t ringing a bell…. something wasn’t right, that wasn’t the procedure when dealing with pregnant Slayers. Yet, the scenario looked somewhat familiar.

He shook his head and closed his eyes beginning his chants. He didn’t know what their plans were, exactly …that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to find them out.

He loved a good challenge.


The woman's blood was warm and thick; its sweet taste flew into Electra's throat, feeding her, filling her with an almost physical pleasure.

The woman was weakly struggling against her body; her short nails were digging in her shoulders, Electra smiled against the woman's neck, while her body was slowly going limp into her arms.

Electra felt that woman's heart coming to an abrupt stop; she held her lips against the woman's neck for some more seconds, before letting her go.

The body fell on the pavement and her head made a strange noise that reminded Electra of a broken egg's shell.

Entering the parking lot had been easy; another matter altogether was entering the prison. Not that she was going to have problems with that.

She shrugged her shoulders, and closed her eyes, slowly chanting the spell. Her face, her whole body slowly morphed, it changed in that of the woman she had just drained.

She looked around before quickly hiding the body. She took a long look at the bleak, gray building. The dreams had already started; she had made sure they did. They were cryptic enough to piss anyone off, especially someone who was desperately striving for redemption, for atonement.

"First rule…surprise the hell out of your opponents…” She whispered.

She slowly headed toward the building, a smile creeping on her lips while she thought

<All of them…>


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